What’s Hot?

This week, we’ve all been jamming the internet lines trying to book up an appointment with our hairdresser (oh how we have missed them).  But we’ve also been keeping an eye out on what’s been going on, so this week we’re talking Glasto, space, Warhol, and food. Take a look at what the Fever Fam have been loving this week.

The sets you thought it was too late to see. Obviously, Glastonbury!

We’ve had plans cancelled this year. Maybe one of those plans involved waiting for hours, clicking refresh on a screen. Maybe you then waited months and months and months only to have said event cancelled because there were bigger things going on in the world. Maybe then you went and bought a bottle of gin to console yourself with as you listened to Diana Ross on repeat to try and recreate what might have been. Maybe….

But at we’ve got the ghost of Glasto-past with some incredible sets from David Bowie, The Stones, Stormzy, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, Dolly Parton… Need we go on?

Whilst we’re reliving the past, let’s appreciate this tweet from Stormzy in 2018. Legends supporting legends?! We stan.

Stormzy on Dolly Parton : CasualUK

The picnic food you need to try: Picnics in the Park

This weekend might be set to be a washout (weep), but that hasn’t stopped Team Fever putting together their perfect picnic. We’ve been cooking up a storm this lockdown and mastering all sorts of foods, so to celebrate Great Outdoors Month, we put together some of the recipes we’ve been perfecting. There’s Thai sausage rolls, vanilla fudge, frozen daiquiris and… coffee?

The artwork you didn’t know you’d want hanging on your wall: Lego Art Set

Let’s be real, we all love Lego. Those tiny blocks are fantastic and make us all feel like we’re the next Gaudi. But this week Lego have launched a new Art Set line where you can actually be an artist! Each set comes with a canvas and a whole bunch of bricks that can be used to make a famous imagine. So far they have kits for Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Iron Man and Darth Vadar. It’s a bit of a random mix, but we guess there’s something for the artist in everyone.

The perfume you didn’t know would become your signature scent:  Smell Like Space

Ever walked past someone and have them say ‘cor, you smell out of this world?’ No? Well now you can! Nasa – yes, the actual space people – have unveiled Eau De Space, which smells like, well, space. Apparently. Nasa developed the smell of space decades ago to prepare trainee astronauts and now a chemist wants to make it into a perfume. It supposedly smells like seared steak, raspberries and rum. We think we’ll stick with our regular scent, thanks.

The cause to consider donating to: Breathe

On the 30th, Whitney Simon held an open mic night to support Campaign Zero, a police reform campaign aimed at reducing police violence, and Justice for Adam, a French man killed by police in 2016 whose family is still fighting for justice. Just because the event has passed, doesn’t mean it’s too late to spare some money for them, or any of the other great campaigns running at the moment!


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