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Well, well here we are. Friday again. And the first Friday in July. And an early heads up for you that it is likely this What’s Hot blog is going to become a Barbie film fan blog for the foreseeable. If you aren’t here for the plastic, fantastic life of our Barbie girl then I don’t think we should be friends. 


And to that end…


The Barbie movie has more leaks than a rusty ship – and we’re living for it


“Can we really write about the Barbie 2023 film again?”, we asked ourselves this morning. The answer is yes, yes we can.


Margot Robbie has been taped speaking in her Barbie voice for the first time in a leaked set video, which emerged online earlier this week. After taking a second to recover (I’m bisexual, sue me), this writer had to ask herself – is this intentional? Can Barbie’s film set security really be this bad, or are all these leaks the work of a particularly savvy unit publicist?


Much like the approach of Disney+ to Pam and Tommy, who decided to release imagery of Lily James in full hair and makeup as Pamela Anderson months in advance, revealing photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in character makes good sense. When we think of a ‘Barbie doll’, we think of her appearance, her outfits – so of course lots of people would be interested to see which art direction the film decided to take.


That said, Mattel has been doing a lot recently to move the conversation away from what Barbie wears, and more towards what she does. The 2012 series Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse has gained a cult following recently due to its positively unhinged storylines and jokes that still appeal to modern Gen-Zs. Barbie was shown in that series as a woman laughably obsessed with ‘things’, living in an over-the-top pink mansion with a personal robot closet organiser, as well as 40+ jobs which she could call upon in seconds. 


Greta Gerwig will probably take a similarly tongue-in-cheek approach, tackling past criticisms head-on. After all – Barbie is really all about transformation. Whether it’s her voice, her clothes, her interests, her activism or her houses, we love Barbie because she keeps us guessing.


London Pride is set to be a scorcher – but what happens after?


As June ends, so with it does Pride month – the annual LBGTQIA+ celebration of love, diversity, acceptance, and temporary corporate logo changes. And as celebrations around the world begin to wind down, London-based queer folk still have one last bash to round off their month kicking off this weekend – Pride in London! 


After a turbulent couple of years, the event is back with a bang this weekend with thousands expected to line the streets for the iconic parade display through London’s city centre – a major moment for those making this their first ever queer event or celebration, especially as most Pride events globally have stalled since the first lockdown. 


However, even though this weekend is technically the end of Pride Month for most, Pride isn’t just confined to the calendar. LGBTQIA+ still exist past the month of June, something often forgotten by companies and groups who make that little extra effort when June rolls around – only for it to be pulled as soon as it hits July 1. While we think Pride Month is hot, continuously supporting and championing LGBTQIA+ people throughout the rest of the year is even more hot. Visibility matters across the board, not just in our June marketing budgets. 


Taylor Swift finally gets Paper Ring from her London Boy

It seems Taylor Swift’s song writing may be taking a different direction; no more writing about her ex-boyfriends or taking revenge on Kanye West. It’s looking likely Taylor will only need to write love songs from now on following her latest news. She is officially engaged! And apparently has secretly been for some months. Boyfriend Joe Alwyn finally got down on one knee after 5 years of dating with a beautiful engagement ring that Taylor has only been wearing in private and behind closed doors. We’re screaming on the inside!! After her long line of star-crossed relationships, the popstar deserves nothing less and we can’t wait to hear her next song about it?

Checking your poo 

This week, Dame Deborah James, the extraordinary cancer campaigner died aged only 40. Her work to raise awareness of symptoms of bowel cancer was nothing short of incredible. She danced into our hearts, and her message of rebellious hope is something we should all try and live by. 


So there is no more fitting note to end on this week than check your poo. 


Stay safe peeps. 


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