What’s Hot?

This week we’re wearing contact lenses, stalking Matt Damon, watching the Matrix trailer, and unfollowing people on Twitter. It’s a big one.

Ray-Ban Stories

This week, Ray-Ban and Facebook (hereafter nicknamed Face-Ban) launched an unlikely and yet somehow simultaneously obvious collab: Ray-Ban Stories, glasses that can record video and take photos.

Ahem. Nothing creepy about that is there? After all, we can spot someone filming on their phone a mile off, but we’re not about to start suspecting every glasses-wearer of snapping pics. As a four-eyes myself, I truly hope no one thinks I’m recording them as I’m zoned out on the tube heading home. Do I have to wear contacts every day now?? My eyes can’t take it! Face-Ban have tried to offer some security for this by creating a white LED on the frame that shines when recording – but how noticeable will it really be?

Like every good hero, Ray-Ban Stories have some fatal flaws. You can’t preview the pics you take (I suppose your eyesight is the preview) and the camera quality is low (5MP, nothing compared to a modern iPhone). Alas. I was so close to buying them.

Allegedly the idea for this development came from photos of mass events where everyone is holding up a phone – concerts, inauguration, mass celebrations. The glasses are therefore supposed to help you ‘live in the moment’ by not obstructing your view while you look at what’s happening, rather your phone. I can’t help but wonder – when have Facebook ever wanted to help us live in the moment? Sounds like a cop out to me…

Matt Damon’s secret Instagram

This week, Matt Damon foolishly revealed in an interview that he has a private Instagram with just 76 followers and 40 posts since he opened it in 2013.

That’s all it took for fans to locate the page within hours. Gotta love internet sleuths.

@odamnmatt (nice anagram, good work Matt) has exactly 76 followers and 40 posts, and it is  almost definitely the actor. The account is followed by several verified accounts including Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal. What I’d give to be in that special 76 with Thor and the Red Viper.

Wow, ok, unfollowing now

We all know that cancel culture is hot right now. People are getting cancelled left right and centre, often for good reason – but we’re not here to talk about that.

Instead, we’re here to celebrate the wow, ok, unfollowing now meme, where people tweet that they didn’t realise someone was cancelled, and despite being a fan, they have now unfollowed.

Highlights include the Pied Piper, sirens, Goldilocks, and Thanos.

Letterboxd reviews with threatening auras

Follow this account. There’s nothing we can say to sell it that you can’t read on the Twitter page.

But to summarise, if you’re too lazy to click this link, the account is simply screenshots of hilarious film reviews, calling out I Tonya for Margot Robbie playing Tonya at 15, Cats for having the same director as The Kings Speech, and Cinderella for ‘girlbossing too close to the sun’.

Matrix 4

The new Matrix 4 trailer dropped this week and everybody seems to be loving it.

Keanu is experiencing a renaissance Matthew McConaughey would be proud of; emulating a Neo Anderson that looks somewhere between John Wick and Johnny Silverhand in the upcoming film.

Judging by the first-look, we reckon it might be quite a bit better than anybody was expecting! Also, the world always needs more Neil Patrick-Harris.

So the question is – Red or Blue pill? What’s it gonna be?


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