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This week, we’re sharing our favourite meme account, putting Primark on the naughty list, celebrating Halloween on Snapchat and using link stickers.

Work in Social They Said

Introducing our new favourite meme account: @workinsocialtheysaid.

Sharing jokes about clients requesting content goes viral, Facebook business manager, platform updates, and explain memes to your boss.

In addition to being a great stress reliever, the account also shared new jobs in social every week – so if you’re looking to get on the ladder or make a change, drop them a follow on Insta/Twitter!

Gabby Allen’s on the naughty list

Icarus is probably one of the most famous names from Greek mythology, known for flying too close to the sun, causing his wax wings to melt and his body to crash down to earth. This week, former Love Island contestant Gabby Allen could be called Icarus.

Gabby was “feeling fab but chilled” wearing Primark, sharing a cosy image of her free clothes with the hashtag #iworkwithprimark. But there wasn’t a #ad in sight.

Gabby’s ad was banned from the ASA who stated that the hashtag used was too long and ambiguous, not clearly showing the paid contractual nature of their partnership. Both Primark and Gabby were held accountable and reminded of ASA guidelines, however, there doesn’t appear to have been a financial penalty. Despite this, Primark still would have lost the fee they paid Gabby/the potential awareness they could have gained, and Gabby now has a red mark against her name when brands are looking for collabs. Who will give her wings now?

Snapchat x Halloween

We’re now DEEP into spooky season and just in time, Snapchat has released lots of updates to take your content to the next level.

Snapchat is celebrating 31st October with new Lenses such as werewolf and Frankenstein, which are kinda uninspired if you ask us, costumes for your Bitmoji (sexy witch, sexy ballerina, fully clothed male devil, fully clothed male clown) and the Snap map has had a Halloween makeover too. After the under-10s, Snapchat’s age group probably ARE the ones celebrating Halloween the most – we’re already excited for the Mail Online’s annual round-up of drunk people vomiting dressed as Harley Quinn on Sunday morning (who doesn’t love a judgemental article made up entirely of 272 photos). Those still using Snap will get early-bird access on Saturday night. A pretty good reason to download, if you ask me.

You get a link sticker, you get a link sticker, everyone gets a link sticker

Instagram made a fun lil announcement this week – ANYONE can use a link sticker now, not just people with 10k followers. Like everything, this has positives and negatives… the POSITIVES are that brands growing their accounts and nano-influencers now have the opportunity to share their work and products with their audience in a simpler way. The NEGATIVES are that period schemes and clickbait accounts can now run amok. Insta is trying to prevent this by stopping link sticker access when an account continually breaks rules, and also brand new accounts won’t have access (but how long you need to be online til you’re not “brand new” is undefined).

Ben Shepherd, the nation’s hero

Two Greek mythology references in one blog?! We’re spoiling you today.

This week, daytime quiz TV absolutely peaked with a question about Homer’s epic poems. Our unlucky contestant confused sirens with Simpsons and believed the food of the gods to be ‘Doughnuts’. You can’t make this stuff up.



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