What’s Hot? 21/10/2022

All hail the lettuce! It’s been a tricky few days to sell in to media, we’ll be honest. With SW1 in meltdown and the new leader of our country likely to be green vegetable usually found in slightly underwhelming packed lunch sandwich… the media landscape has been somewhat frantic.


That said, we’ve still nailed some incredible work including a road safety campaign with Nextbase, launched Sky Stream and celebrated our very own Abbie Hughes’ birthday in style. We’ve even sifted through all the noise to bring you our favourite creative work of the week too.


The Collaboration Of A Lifetime

Palace Skateboards was established in 2009 and has since taken the fashion industry by a storm. Being known to have collaborated with some of today’s most iconic brands from Arc’teryx to Calvin Klein, the brand recently announced their latest collaboration, and it seems they may have finally outdone themselves.


Early last Friday the rumours were finally put to bed and the collaboration between Gucci and Palace was announced, making many Hypebeast’s day, if not year. Having already been described as ‘Guccier than Gucci’ the range merges both brands in a way that many would have thought impossible.


With all the excitement around welcoming this new collaboration, we cannot forget or fail to shine a light upon the fact this is Palace’s debut into women’s ready-to-wear designs, and by the looks of things we’ve been missing out.


With so much going on, it’s a hard choice, but the true showstopper has to be the Palace Gucci biker jacket and matching leather pants, but it’s not the only piece that stands out. The collection showcases everything from printed football jerseys to monogram miniskirts, whilst taking us on a journey through Italian ‘80s casuals to the Tom Ford era.


The collection will be available directly through the Gucci Vault website today and will also be featured in the Vault pop-up shops in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Osaka and Bangkok, as well as via Palace locations in London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.


World Menopause Day

We saw some great campaigns this week for World Menopause Day, to get people talking about the often overlooked and misunderstood symptoms of the menopause. Intimate wellness brand INTIMINA launched its Menopause: The Board Game after it found that one in ten adults had no idea what the menopause means for women and an alarming 13% of men think the menopause has no symptoms at all.


While wellness brand OTO, marked the launch of its range of fans, created in partnership with fashion designer Bella Freud, with research into the nation’s knowledge and attitudes. It’s shocking to see the lack of understanding our society has, but refreshing to see brands jump on the opportunity to raise awareness.


Chaos with the Current Government

If there’s one thing you can’t fault about our current government, it’s that they provide constant entertainment. Yes, they might be ruining the country while they’re at it but hey, at least we get a few laughs out of it. This week alone, we’ve had a new Chancellor, a new Home Secretary and a lettuce outliving the tenure of our current Prime Minister. And the country didn’t disappoint and continued to produce 10/10 memes.


Ryanair created a boarding pass for Liz Truss, sending her from Gatwick to literally anywhere else, Wikipedia had to split its 2022 United Kingdom government crisis entry into two different months and then WEEKS, and the usually calm presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy finally lost it and dropped the c-bomb after his conversation with Steve Baker (yes, we watched the video about seventeen times).


Now, there’s rumours that Boris Johnson (remember him and his Gatsby-esc mid-lockdown shin digs?) might be coming back as the leader of the Tory party and if that’s not enough proof that we’re living in a simulation, we don’t know what is. Given everything that’s going on, tune in next week for another instalment of “What is going on in the UK?”.


And to think all this is happening because Ed Miliband ate a bacon sandwich that one time…



Ever since the shock VMA announcement, us Swiftie fans have been counting down to the release of the new Midnights album, the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout Taylor’s life. Many hardcore fans even stayed up until 5am (midnight EST) for the drop, although I can’t say we did. But it is finally here, and we will be listening to it on repeat for the rest of time.


Although it’s never just as simple as an album drop with Taylor. Not 3 hours later after the Midnights was released, she dropped Midnights (3am edition). Similar to Taylor’s Versions, from the Vault tracks, she released an extra 7 songs that she wrote along the journey to find the magic 13 main album songs to share more of her creative process.


On top of all this (yes there’s more), her first official music video from the album for Anti-Hero. The devil works hard but Taylor works harder. Whilst us Swifties binge listen to the album on repeat, we’ll be counting down to her Jimmy Fallon, and Graham Norton appearances, her second music video drop and her rumoured tour which getting tickets for will be the equivalent of the Hunger Games (and yes, some of us did pre-order the album just to get the tour ticket pre-sale code) 🤩


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