What’s Hot?

We’re two weeks into 2022 and somehow it simultaneously feels like we’re still in 2020 (WFH life) and also like it should be February by now (WFH life?)

So take it easy and spend this weekend cuddled up in the warm, reading your favourite blog of all time (this one to be clear). This week, we’re looking at Instagram’s new feed options, laughing at wholesome memes, and celebrating gorgeous, gorgeous girls.

Wholesome memes

Do you know what’s hot this year? Feeling happy at absolutely no-one’s expense. That’s why we’re obsessed with the Twitter account Wholesome Memes, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Dogs, kids, cats, Spider-Man. It has everything you could dream of and more.

Molly Mae falls from grace

Oh, Molly-Mae. We were all rooting for you. We were rooting for you when Maura was trying to seduce Tommy away from you and you watched angrily through a potted plant. We were rooting for you sleeping on the day beds, hoping Tommy was doing the same. We were rooting for you only two weeks ago, when rumours swirled that Tommy was going to propose on New Year’s Eve in New York.

In 2022, we are kinda done rooting for Molly Mae, after she made some fairly ignorant statements in an interview with the Diary of a CEO podcast. Molly Mae addressed criticism she’s received in the past, that her “everyone has the same 24 hours in a day” attitude doesn’t apply to those born into less fortunate circumstances. Interestingly, Molly Mae was not addressing the response to apologise, but actually to reenforce that her viewpoint is true, “if you want something enough you can achieve it”.

It’s worth remembering that Molly Mae is young, and has had a really good life – she’s famous for winning World Teen Supermodel UK 2016, becoming Creative Director of Pretty Little Thing aged 22, and coming second in the 2019 series of Love Island (I guess her Manifestation Mantra to win just didn’t work that day, or something?)

While commenting to and about her might be what you want to do right now, it’s always worth reminding yourself to be kind before hitting ‘send tweet’. We’re obviously hoping that Molly Mae realises the errors of her ways, but hopefully through self-reflection rather than even more days of trending on Twitter.

Instagram tests new feed options

We write about social platform updates a lot, but I can tell you now this one has got me the most excited in months (nay, years?)

Instagram is looking at two new feed options: ‘Favorites’, where you can select a ‘Favorites’ list of accounts you follow and see all their posts in reverse timeline order, and ‘Following’, where you will only see accounts that you follow without additional recommendations.

The ‘Favorites’ option is super exciting for those of us who follow a few too many people and tend to miss big posts from those closest to them (anyone else have a friend text them about their brother’s engagement post before they saw it? Just me?) While it’s just a test for now, here’s hoping it’s rolled out to all of us soon!

BBC Three baby

BBC Three is back with a BANG hunny. And by that we mean it’s back with the launch of Ru Paul’s Drag Race: UK vs the World. this week some STELLAR judges were announced (Anthony from Bridgerton?  Daisy May Cooper? Katie Price inevitably facing herself on Snatch Game?) but the true hero was BBC Three’s Twitter account sharing their dream line up: Elaine the Pain, Barry from EastEnders (OG King of death drops) and Sophia Dolmio. Imagine.

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls

Okay, this trend is not from this week (forgive us), it’s from over the Christmas break, but so many people have asked where it comes from that we felt it deserved a mention.

“Gorgeous, gorgeous girls” is a TikTok audio clip about how gorgeous, gorgeous girls love soup, however its now moved onto other platforms. The trend usually sees gorgeous, gorgeous girls a) being offered advice, e.g., ‘wear sunscreen’ b) allowed to normalise frowned upon behaviour, e.g., ‘hide upstairs when their parents’ friends are over’ or c) do something mental from fiction, e.g., ‘weave a net to capture their husband when he returns from war’, a la Clytemnestra.

No matter which of the three you are, always remember that you’re a gorgeous, gorgeous girl, and in Molly Mae Hague’s world, that’s enough to succeed hun.


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