What’s Hot? 26/03

This week, we’re realising that (some) celebrities really are just like us, fighting for Smiley Faces, celebrating the Muppets, sharing memes you would have loved, and missing Jessica Walter.

The hero we needed: Tom Hollander

It turns out, Orlando Bloom and I have a lot in common. The first thing we both do when we wake up is check our watches to see how well we slept (okay so usually I check Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram first, but I’m sure Orlando just left that out). Orlando craves routine, which he says is due to being a Capricorn. I also crave routine (as mentioned above, my morning app checking routine is rhythmic) but alas I am a Virgo. We both have porridge and tea for breakfast (such classic Brit behaviour!) and apparently both of us dream about great roles for minorities and women. As a BAME female I thought this was maybe just me, but it’s good to know I have a kindred spirit in Orlando.

The reaction to Orlando Bloom’s ‘Life In The Day’ was frankly hilarious (although obviously I couldn’t understand why as it was uncannily similar to my own life) but it also allowed for a throwback to a much more erm, self-aware read shall we say, namely Tom Hollander’s entry so regardless of your views on Orlando’s entry you have this to thank him for.

The update we want: Twitter Reactions

Do you know what I hate? When someone poses a question on Twitter, e.g., “Potato waffles or smiley faces?” followed by “Fave for waffles, retweet for smileys”.

It’s inherently unfair and I won’t stand for it. A favourite is the easiest thing in the world, I hand those out daily. A retweet? That’s asking a lot. I have retweeted precisely three things in the past six months: Fever’s brand video, an angry post about Samantha being the heart of SATC, and an Indy Voices article about learning to pronounce other people’s names. A curated collection of tweets that represent me. Yes, I do love Smiley Faces. But not enough. So I scroll past the tweet, like boats in the night, and waffles win – but what a shallow victory.

The reason I’m telling you about this is because Twitter is currently assessing emoji-style reactions (imagine Facebook post reactions), and up and down votes on tweets (Reddit-Style). While up and down votes aren’t my favourite thing as they’re an easy route to cyber-bullying, emoji-reactions could help Smiley Faces reap their deserved rewards.

The one we’ll miss: Jessica Walter

This week we lost an absolute icon, Jessica Walter. Her career spanned six decades but in our eyes there’s one role we will never forget: Bluth family matriarch Lucille in Arrested Development.

There was something special about Lucille. She was cocky, disregarded her family’s feelings, drank martinis at 10am, didn’t care for Gob, and thought a banana cost $10. We should have hated her, but Jessica Walter made her someone you rooted for.

The Independent has shared the best Lucille Bluth quotes, which you can find here.

Read them and weep.

Our D&I hero of the week: Muppets

There’s a new muppet headed to town: Wesley, a five-year-old Black Muppet, who was created in hope he can help families discuss race and racism openly and frankly. It’s worth pointing out that Wesley is NOT the first Black Muppet – we’re just celebrating the fact he joined the cast to talk about important issues that children often need help with.

This isn’t the first time the Muppets have been our diversity and inclusion heroes. In 2017, Julia, a Muppet with Autism joined the gang. Back in 2002, HIV-positive Kami appeared in the South African version. Rosita La Monstrua De las Cuevas, a Latina Muppet, started teaching a Spanish word a day in 1991.

A big shout out therefore to Kermit and the gang for making everyone feel like part of the gang. Just as they should.

The meme you would have loved

A new trend kicked off this week: ‘RIP XXX you would have loved XXX,’ and it’s kept us laughing into the weekend.

Personal highlights:

RIP Odysseus, I know he would have loved Google Maps

RIP Joan of Arc you would have loved Lorde

RIP F. Scott Fitzgerald I know he would’ve loved Gossip Girl

That’s it from us this week! Stay safe, start planning your outdoor meet-ups for next week, and don’t forget the clocks change this weekend. So, here’s to hopefully brighter times ahead!


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