What’s Hot? 17/09

This week, we’re saying goodbye to menus, getting a pap smear, advertising on Reddit and following a slightly emo Paddington Bear.

Instagram adds Map Search

This update is AMAZING but please don’t get your hopes up as its currently only being trialled in Australia and New Zealand. We can only hope and pray the Aussies use it well so Map Search can be shared globally.

The new function allows you to look around your local area to find businesses and locations of interest, with public posts tagged in each location on display.

That’s right. A map that shows you Instagrams of FOOD NEAR YOU. As somebody who looks at the tagged location of a restaurant before going (in order to determine what I will eat 48-168 hours beforehand) this couldn’t be a better update. Menus are like, so 2009.


We’ve hit phase three of Miss Pap’s cleverly named #DONTMISSYOURPAP campaign. Look, they saw an opportunity, and they went for it. Who can blame them?

As part of the campaign, Miss Pap partnered with influencers to promote cervical screenings. September being Gynaecology Awareness Month means it’s a perfect time for the campaign to be reborn. The campaign is not however limited to Instagram, there’s both a benefit to the consumer and a charity, and also to vaginas everywhere. Miss Pap has started selling red and black underwear sets with a poppable crotch so that women feel less exposed when being examined, with 100% of profits going to the Eve Appeal. Click here to see Zara Lena Jackson modelling the set.

Reddit catches up with Ads

Reddit has always been a tricky social platform to navigate for brands. Unless you’re Xbox or a game development company, users aren’t generally happy for a brand to takeover a thread with their own messaging, and even a funny comment from a branded account can see a thread go totally dead within minutes.

To encourage brands onto the app (and to make sweet sweet cash) Reddit is upgrading ad tools, including bid recommendations, with additional tips on optimising campaigns and setting realistic KPIs. While super helpful, it’s worth remembering that these KPIs aren’t gospel for two reasons: firstly, social media agencies are after your cash. Secondly, they don’t know how engaging and brilliant your creative is (which we’re sure it is).

Bring Back Britney

It’s safe to say that Britney has had a BIG YEAR. From #FreeBritney to #ActuallyFreeingBritney to getting engaged to… Deleting her Instagram?

After years of Britney’s life being over-exposed to us, whether its via Britney’s own social channels, Paparazzi shots in US magazine, or Justin Timberlake betraying her live on radio, suddenly Britney is silent. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. This week Britney revealed that she had only temporarily deactivated her Instagram account to enjoy her engagement. While we’ll miss the content, we’re pleased our gal is finally getting some me-time.

Paddington Bear Updates

If you are a regular reader of What’s Hot (first of all, thank you hun, I do it all for you) you’ll know we love a parody account (JurassicPark2Go anyone?). This week’s favourite? Paddington Bear Updates.

The account follows a much more reckless, violent, and frankly emo version of our favourite marmalade-chugging bear. What we would give to hear Ben Whishaw read some of these tweets.



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