What’s Hot?

What’s hot this week? Reading, crying, and standing up. Those might sound like key milestones for under 3s, but this week, they’re for everyone…

Crying on Pinterest

Next Thursday is the HOTTEST day in the Pinterest calendar! Statistically, of course, the hottest day of the year is usually 25th July, so you’re probably asking yourself “why has this ray of sunshine of a day fallen four whole months early?”

That’s right – next Thursday is Pinterest Presents, the global conference bringing you up to date on everything new on the platform.

We’re obvs attending after receiving an email with the following quote from a 2021 attendee: “Never before have I cried at an ad summit until today.” Now this we have to see.

Not only is it a bona fide tear-jerker, but the summit also involves Queer Eye’s Tan France, so you know it’ll be a good’un.

Stand up for Ukraine

Our local Comedy Club, the Comedy Store (yes, we’re fancy) is holding a fundraiser for Ukraine’s Red Cross next Tuesday night, including class acts such as James Acaster, Joe Lycett and Nish Kumar. ALL profits are going to the Red Cross so grab your coat, your purse and your pals and get on down to support this hugely important cause.

The show starts at 7:30 so if you’re feeling thirsty, why not head over to Sophie’s for half price martinis beforehand? It is a Tuesday after all.

Reading is fundamental

We all know that a better-read person is a better person, right? This week we’re celebrating all things literary at our awesome client’s Camden Market’s World Book Day festival, full of creative events, free activities, and awesome performances.

I for one am most interested in sampling Bruce Bogtrotter’s chocolate cake, but maybe you’re more interested in Hansel and Gretel’s shopping treasure trail, customising clothes with Koko art, or a book reading from Blue Peter’s Konnie Huq?

Find out more about the big weekend here and don’t forget your costume!

Tick tock… tick tock… tick tock

WHY are TikTok videos being extended to 10 minutes?! Did anyone ask for this? The answer is, probably, no. It’s a decision TikTok has made to better compete and make more money.

The main reason is most likely to introduce ads into longer form video. TikToks are currently too short to add pre or mid roll ads to – the reward isn’t worth the pain – so it’s a great way to monetise the platform.

In terms of competition, YouTube has seen huge success with the launch of Shorts, gaining back some of its screen time it probably lost to Instagram and TikTok. In retaliation, TikTok can now host longer form videos, which we would usually turn to YouTube for. You can have an hour-long video on Instagram, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen it…? The longest video I’ve ever seen there is when Kylie Jenner announced she had ‘secretly’ been pregnant and has Stormi. Which felt like it was an hour long but was probably more like four minutes…

Period Talk

ASDA is the first major supermarket in the UK to ditch the aisle ‘feminine hygiene’ for the much more sensical ‘period products’

Why is ‘feminine hygiene’ a dumb aisle name to begin with, you ask.

Errr because…

Why are we afraid of using the word period? Why aren’t we using straight forward language?

What makes periods unhygienic? They’re bloody natural (get it??)

Does everyone who has a period identify as ‘feminine’? Definitely not, so why are we othering them in a SUPERMARKET AISLE?

Good job with the switch ASDA. Let’s see who follows suit!


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