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This week, we’re keeping receipts on Twitter, eating crisp sandwiches, buying books, and NOT following Robert Pattinson on TikTok…

Twitter keeps the receipts

We’ve been celebrating the upcoming ‘Edit your tweet’ for a while now, as it’s always been kinda stressful that once your tweet is out, it’s out. Sometimes links stop working! VERY often dates of products sales change! Occasionally, some sort of news or trend hits and you realise you need to reword your content slightly, for fear of insulting the online mob that is Little Mix fans.

Twitter has shared more insight into this update, revealing that an ‘Edit History’ log will be visible for every edited tweet. That’s to avoid people re-sharing cute/fun content which is then turned into an anti-vax image, with the sharers unaware of what’s happened.

I, personally, am very excited about this. Recently, an unnamed influencer had an autocorrect function which resulted in my name ending up in the Instagram caption, which was focused on a delicious brisket, which I sadly had nothing to do with. I DM’d them their mistake and they thanked me, before updating the caption. I FORGOT to screenshot my 15 minutes of fame and if an ‘Edit History’ log existed it would be fine but, sadly, it does not. You’ll have to take my word for it.

Crisp sandwiches get classy

Crisp sandwiches are somewhat divisive. I personally am not a fan (the roof of my mouth is fine without getting stabbed, thanks) but I can see the appeal, I guess. Other than the haters (me) the other biggest issue crisp sandwich lovers face is being criticised for creating crisp sandwiches in somewhat ‘classier’ establishments. And this, of course, leads me to Subway.

Subway and Walkers are teaming up to bring crisp sandwich lovers into the light and tell them that everything is going to be okay. They’ve done this through appointing a Sandwich Sommelier, Poppy O’Toole, who has ranked the best possible pairings here.

Introducing: The Mall

Netflix has just dropped a documentary on Abercrombie & Fitch, focusing on the brand rise and fall, vain marketing, and in particular, the role of the Mall. Making the rounds on Twitter this week is one guys description of a shopping mall in the doc, which is, somehow, simultaneously both patronising, but also makes you feel far superior to him. Odd.

BookTok is hot

Book sales rose by 5% last year, with the Publishers Association saying that four out of five young adult bestsellers were driven by the BookTok trend. TikTok is offering booklovers a whole new way to discover authors and books, with whole accounts dedicated to genres, characters and favourite storytellers.

It’s a fantastic win for TikTok, which is probably the social media platform most criticised for “wasting time”, and frequent scrollers can now argue that “hey, it’s not just about dancing anymore – I’m actually looking for my next novel, thanks. What was the last book you read Dad? Jonny Wilkinson’s 2011 autobiography? I thought so.”

Beware of deepfakes

Have you heard that RPatz is finally on TikTok? Good, because he’s not. A terrifying deepfake has appeared (@iam_pattinson) with 615k followers and, at the time of writing, nine videos Robert Pattinson would definitely never, ever, make. While the deepfake might seem obvious to most, the comments are flooded with users debating whether the account is real. We feel the answer to that is obvious if you read his infamous GQ article.


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