The Toshiba Team gets X-treme in Milton Keynes

What better way to mark the launch of Toshiba’s brand new sports camera than with an triple-whammy action-packed press trip to put the Camileo X-Sports through the elements…

Toshiba Camielo X Sports Event-30

Toshiba Camielo X Sports Event-25

With a camera mounted to each helmet, we first headed to the indoor pistes of Snozone in Milton Keynes for some skiing and snowboarding. The experienced members of the group were given free reign to film themselves whizzing down the slopes, throwing in a few jumps for good measure. And for the less experienced guys… let’s just say crashes look just as cool on a fish-eye lens!!

Toshiba Camielo X Sports Event-37

Toshiba Camielo X Sports Event-90

Next up, go-karting. With every chicane, skid and crash caught on camera, separating the Lewis Hamiltons from the Lindsay Lohans was easy, but in the end Luke Johnson from Trusted Reviews rolled in at first place, looking comfortable from start to finish.

Toshiba Camielo X Sports Event-95

To finish the day we basked in the glorious British sunshine and went for a quick swim in Willen Lake… (well the aim was to go wakeboarding, but it’s not as easy as it looks). Thankfully, Europe’s number one wakeboarder Chloe Goudie was on hand to show everyone how it was done, demonstrating some awesome grinds, grabs and flips.

Toshiba Camielo X Sports Event-102

Toshiba Camielo X Sports Event-117

Toshiba Camielo X Sports Event-129

Huge thanks to everyone that came out. We’re off to get some extreme sports practice in – who knows what events we’ll be doing next!

Toshiba Camielo X Sports Event-94


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