Zeo Takes Centre Stage in the Daybreak Sleep School

This week saw the launch of the Daybreak ‘Sleep School’, which follows the programme’s doctors as they aim to help insomniacs and poor sleepers improve their sleep. As part of the Sleep School, Fever set up Zeo Sleep Manager trials, using the product on case studies to track their improvement and help regain control of their sleeping patterns.

The first feature aired on Tuesday, with Zeo taking centre stage as new mum Holly was seen wearing the monitor in her video sleep diary. The results were then used to help Dr Guy Meadows and Dr Hilary Jones analyse her sleep cycle, with the Zeo chart being shown on screen.

The Sleep School will be running for six weeks, with the participants returning to discuss their progress at the end of April – fingers crossed Zeo will help them to catch up on those all-important zzzs!

Check out the show here.


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