Breathing fresh life into the Season 8 launch of the Walking Dead for NOW TV

Our contagious Idea

How do you get people excited about the return of a TV show that’s been on air for 7 years? You need to mix things up…or remix them to be exact.

We got fans dead excited about season 8 of The Walking Dead on NOW TV by bringing the world of walkers and grime music together to deliver a culturally relevant campaign that delivered a big boost to YOY viewing figures. In 2017, you’d have to be living under a rock to not notice the emergence of grime music into the mainstream and using online insight tools Sysomos and Tubular, we proved that there was a large crossover between fans of grime music, The Walking Dead and NOW TV’s target audience.

Armed with our findings, we got audiences pumped up about season 8 by creating ‘The Walking Dead Riddim’ – a grime ‘hype’ track with lyrics penned by MOBO-nominated MC and fan of the show, Bugzy Malone, and legendary producer Swifa Beater remixing the base line to the show’s iconic theme tune.

We filmed a super slick music video featuring Bugzy and a host of walkers roaming around a post-apocalyptic Manchester, dropped a teaser of the video the night before release on Bugzy’s social channels, teed up all the UK’s major music channels, hosted a range of interviews with Bugzy hot on the heels of his 2017 MOBO nomination for Best Male and put Bugzy’s The Walking Dead knowledge to the test with a fun challenge based Facebook quiz.

How far did it travel?

  • Facebook reach
    of 3.2 million

  • 89 pieces of coverage

  • best performing
    piece of video
    content ever

  • The track added
    to Radio 1Xtra’s
    official playlist

  • 2 million views

  • 18-30 year olds
    1034x more likely to
    engage with NOW TV

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