Driving consideration for flowers and plants for the Flower Council of Holland

Our contagious idea

The challenge facing the Flower Council of Holland is their ‘East London set’ target audience just isn’t into flowers & plants. They don’t dislike them, they buy from time to time, but they don’t particularly care. Our job is to convince them otherwise, and to inspire them to consider plants and flowers as both sporadic and repeat purchases.

Keeping this front of mind, our strategy is not to force the issue but instead capitalise on lifestyle passion points we know the audience is into like…hot trends, new openings, emerging artists. It’s all about finding those cultural sweet spots that motivate the audience, and authentically weaving flowers and plants into them.

We did just that for one of our latest campaigns where we used the iconic Columbia Road Flower Market as a storytelling vehicle to connect flowers and plants with our audience’s lifestyle interests. It’s an area of London perfect for brunches and Sunday beers, but we needed to show people it’s more than a flower market. To do that, we wanted to showcase the history of Columbia Road and discover the market through the eyes of the people and personalities who have traded there for generations. They are a lively bunch that we knew would work brilliantly on camera and naturally talk about flowers and plants in a way that would make the target audience sit up and listen.

To bring our vision to life, Fever’s in-house studio team created a compelling video and photography content series to use across a series of channels including social, web and editorial placement. From conceptual storyboarding, script formation, through to production, all aspects of the project were managed from start to finish in-house.

How far did it travel?

With minimal paid support, we were able to reach our audience at a scale usually only reserved for hefty media budgets.

40% of an owned channel reach of 750k was driven organically, but that only tells half the story of what made this campaign so successful. A combination of more than 1,000 owned and earned social shares, and editorial exclusives with the Evening Standard, Londonist and Visit London extended the impact of Columbia Road.

More than 24,500 people engaged with our film and photo series, suggesting we nailed that sweet-spot between cultural capital, and the joy of flowers and plants.

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