Creating a socially led celebration of the unexpected union of two well-loved brands

Our contagious idea

Netflix on NOW TV – two goliath TV brands, considered to be rivals, coming together for the very first time was sure to get people talking. Fever was tasked with creating a socially led celebration of the pairing…

We knew this would be good news – the press would write about it without much of a sell. But a straight news approach wouldn’t get NOW TV audiences (18- 35 year olds) talking about it on social. We needed to give them something bigger that would stop them scrolling past and be something they would enjoy, share and discuss.

Using an iconic song encapsulating the union of two people, Bryan Ferry’s Let’s Stick Together – coupled with the video mash-up artistry of Cassetteboy, we created a video telling the story of this new partnership in a way that got people watching.

The song, Let’s Stick Together, is about people coming together, but it also has the word ‘stick’ at its heart – providing the perfect backdrop to support to launch of the app on the NOW TV Smart Stick, the hero product.
On the day the Netflix app went live on NOW TV devices, the mash-up was released across owned social channels. And became one of NOW TV’s most viewed pieces of social content in 2018.

How far did it travel?

  • The video achieved 10 million impression across Facebook and Twitter combined

  • The video had 2.5m views, and view-through rates of 32% on Facebook and 38% on Twitter

  • It was one of NOW TV’s most successful social-first campaigns.

NOW TV Smart Stick & Cassetteboy present 'Let's Stick Together' ft. Netflix

Foot tapping, hand clapping, we’ve got something for you to enjoy…Netflix has hit our devices! Take it away Cassetteboy ?

Posted by NOW TV on Thursday, 27 September 2018

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