The brief

Fever was challenged to bring the new ATL campaign by flower inspiration site Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk to life. ‘We Need More Flowers’ reminded the target audience of 35- to 45-year-old city dwellers of the power of flowers to bring joy and connect people.

The distraction

In 2021 searches for flowers grew by 277%, Instagram is awash with petal baths and flower crowns whilst flower covered cafes are hot picks in London lifestyle media.

Flowers are everywhere so how could we make the brand stand out.

How did we make our audience care?

Our insight work highlighted a large proportion of our target audience felt nervous about venturing back into the city but were also missing cultural experiences. Our campaign, therefore, needed to give them the highly visual interactive experience they craved whilst also being COVID friendly.

We needed to make something big, bold and eye-catching that lived outside and we had just the right creative partner up our sleeves to work with.

We’d been following the work of US floral heavyweight Lewis Miller for a while, waiting for the right moment to bring him to London for the first time. This was it.

Miller’s New York Flower Flash installations in taxi cabs, trash cans, building sites and hot dog stalls have attracted world-wide attention and praise for transforming everyday parts of the city into interactive floral explosions of colour and life.

So, we decided to bring a joyful floral spectacle like never seen before to the streets of London to welcome people back into the city and bring them together through flowers.

So, we decided to bring a floral spectacle like never seen before to the streets of London to welcome people back into the city and remind them of the power of flowers to reconnect people.

The action

  • Over 700 million coverage impressions in two days.
    Highlights included: 2 x three minute fully branded pieces on ITV London and BBC London, 15 minute fully branded piece on BBC Radio London, 3 separate pieces in the Daily Mail (including a DPS), ES, I, The Guardian, Secret LDN, The Times, FT, Creative Boom, LBB.

  • 90% of online and print pieces included branded Flower Council of Holland imagery

  • Over 5 million social reach, a 9.3% increase in followers over the two week period plus over 1.1million impressions and 895,358 video views – totalling 100 hours viewing time

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