Getting TV aficionados excited by creating UK’s first ‘Box Set Sabbatical’

Our contagious idea

Fever was briefed to raise awareness of the amazing range of shows and movies available on NOW TV, at a time when everyone was talking about the latest Netflix Original to hit our screens. NOW TV wanted to be the number one destination to watch box sets in 2019 and increase engagement on NOW TV’s social channels.

Through social listening, audience insight tools and a series of audience focus groups, we quickly identified a common daily problem – there was so much to watch, but simply not enough time to watch it.

Our idea was simple: give someone the chance to earn £35,000 to take a year off from their job and watch TV for a living. The UK’s first ever paid Box Set Sabbatical.

The campaign roll out was similar to other recruitment processes – we let people know about the role, allowed people to ‘apply’ and followed a rigid process of selecting the right candidate. We worked with Box Set buff and comedian Joel Dommett to put together a handy video, outlining the requirements of the role and offering tips on how to nail the pitch.

We conducted  research which showed the average Brit only has 100 minutes of free time a day. With over 300 Box Sets of TV shows to watch on NOW TV alone, we identified the extreme measures – pulling a sickie anyone? – people would go to, to watch TV.

A panel of judges reviewed over 1,000 entries and selected a winner that best matched our entry criteria.

How far did it travel?

  • 130 pieces of coverage with an overall media reach of 1,648,773,792

  • Over 1,000 entries were received for the role

  • and a 2.2M reach was achieved on Twitter alone creating 2.4M impressions

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