The Jaybird Challenge – introducing the earphones that never fall out

Our contagious idea

Jaybird’s earphones are designed with athletes, runners and gym enthusiasts who are constantly running, jumping, squatting and lifting.

Our task was to launch the X3s in the UK in an authentic way, proving they’re the best earphones for fitness enthusiasts. The X3 earphones sound amazing, are sweat proof, and most importantly they’re designed to fit snug and secure in all ear sizes – and never ever fall out.

‘Never ever fall out’ provided us with our creative stimulus. Earphones that spend more time on the floor than in the ear is a constant bug bear of athletes the world-over. In a classic case of ‘the proof is in the pudding’ we put the X3 in the ears of PTs, runners, and fitness influencers with The Jaybird Challenge. Designed with premium gym Third Space and their top trainer Leo Savage, the challenge consisted of a series of intense exercises around Third Space’s Rig and Sprint track area. If the X3s fell out we failed, if they stayed in we succeeded. A high-risk strategy but one that bore fruit.

Even with such an intense workout, the X3s all stayed put in their ears. And with attendees from the Daily Mirror, Independent, Men’s Health, Runner’s World and influencers including Made In Chelsea’s Ryan Libbey, PT Ashleigh Lawrence, and Youtuber Emma Walsh, we saw some great coverage and social posts immediately after the event.

How far did it travel?

  • In one session our challenge achieved over 7,000 engagements on Instagram with a reach of over 550,000

  • Runner’s World, a key publication for sales, live streamed the Jaybird Challenge on Facebook to their 1.8 million strong running mad audience

  • The media were impressed too. The session resulted in 3x national, 2x tech and 2x health/lifestyle features praising the X3 for sound quality and for the fact that it stays true to its word and never falls out

  • The X3 is Jaybird’s best selling ear phone in the UK

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