Mustang Micro – a Mini Amp with Mega Attitude

With everyone still working (and playing) from home, keeping the noise down has been quite a task. Which is where Fender’s Mustang Micro Mini Amplifier comes in….

It’s a pocket-sized amp with mighty capabilities, endless effects and a headphone outlet so you can jam along and no one else can hear. The Mustang Micro is the perfect answer to at-home playing sessions, super easy to use and a portable power engine.

What’s more? During lockdown over one million new people signed up to Fender’s learning app Fender Play to occupy their time and now, Fender’s newfound electric guitar gurus can practise in peace and share their sound on social with the amp’s direct USB-C recording capability. Get it for the Gram.

Naturally, we wanted to get this in the hands of as many of our favourite tech and music media as possible. We coordinated a media reviews programme to show just how much this mini but mighty amp could do, alongside briefings with Fender’s expert Product Managers and a press announcement.

Everyone was keen to get their hands on one, from The Daily Mirror to the Metro and The Sun to Stuff – it was clear Fender knew just what their fanbase wanted.

The reviews coverage poured in, with fantastic reactions from titles including Esquire, GQ, Shortlist, The Sunday Times, Stuff – the list goes on!

And even with lockdown lifting, it’s easy to pop in your pocket and GO PLAY!


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