What’s Hot: Rebrands

What’s hot this week? Rebrands.

Yeah, that’s right. This week we’re not giving you the top five things you need to know heading into the weekend (but if you’re desperate, check out Instagram for Kids, the app Facebook is building for under-13s, The Drag Race Row on Twitter, and #WordOfTheDay, an Amazon ft. Susie Dent campaign where you can ask Alexa “what’s the word of the day” for the next month).

Ready to hear about some of our favourite rebrands of all time? Including two particularly iconic ones that landed this week (?).

Of course you are.


Okay, it’s hard not to love Liberty, full stop. We’re definitely missing when it was right around from the office in Soho, but we’re still getting our hits online.

The recent rebrand is awesome, particularly modernising the logo while keeping it true to the brand’s heritage. The new type face created for it was taken from the original sign above the Great Marlborough Street store from 1875 and whilst it’s based on this piece of history – the new brand looks thoroughly modern and sleek. A really brilliant design job of bringing the heritage into the present.


We all love a brand that evolves and changes with the times, but it’s not often we see one seamlessly go from sidekick, to hippie superstar, to rock chick, to movie star, to fitness guru, to pioneer of club music sounds, to activist legend.

Yes, we’re talking about the queen of rebranding: Cher.

It seems every couple of years Cher gives herself an entirely new look (wigs and all), turns her hand to something new, and succeeds (except the dodgy period in the 90s when she did infomercials but that just proves not all rebrands work so well…). There are a number of other musicians that have turned their hand to different styles and arts (we will not be taking questions on Madonna at this time) but none of them have done it as frequently or as successfully as Cher. It just goes to show that when your audience is so incredibly loyal and loves the product/person so much, they’ll stick with you through thick and thin.


This week, our client NOW TV unveiled a new identity, look and feel and a new name – NOW. A streamlined identity, with a new green colour palette, makes use of a graphic illumination on the ‘O’ – a portal to showcase NOW’s entertainment at the heart of the brand. Under the tagline “brilliant simplicity meets brilliant entertainment”, we love the elegant simplicity approach of the rebrand.

Ines from Married at First Sight Australia

If you haven’t watched MAFS, please exit your browser and never read my blog again.

Not really, obviously, but boy are you missing out. Head over to 4od and ignore the spoilers below.

For context: Ines did a bad thing and ultimately broke girl code really badly during MAFS. The weirdest part was the fact that she showed no emotion – she didn’t care that she made anyone cry, she didn’t mind that she hurt people, she laughed when she was yelled at.

But, for the reunion episode, a new Ines was born. An Ines who felt and understood others pain. An Ines who apologised for the hurt she had caused other. An Ines who didn’t secretly chuckle while others cried. Brava, Ines. You entered as a villain and left a… decent human being.


You knew this one was coming. OBVIOUSLY we would say our rebrand is one of hottest rebrands of all time – have you seen how great I look in my sweatshirt??? But seriously, it’s been great to see our own rebrand come to life this week and we can’t wait to bring you more inspiring action in the weeks to come.

Happy Weekends!


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