Using social content to connect with female millennials and ultimately drive sales

Our contagious idea

Daniel Sandler were an emerging beauty brand, struggling to get cut through against celebrity fronted campaigns. They were competing with brands with higher spending power. They wanted to champion natural beauty and drive awareness amongst female millennials.

We were tasked with creating fresh vibrant content for their social media channels to help get stand out in a cluttered market and position Daniel Sandler as an industry expert and their social channels to reflect this.

They were launching the new Watercolour Liquid Blush and wanted to target women between 25-35 and grow brand awareness for woman 35+.

We created culturally relevant and agile content that stood out on their audiences’ feed and drove them to sales through the DS website.

How far did it travel?

  • We increased visibility on social by 606%

  • We reached 285,000 25-35 year old women with paid promotions

  • We increased clicks through to educational content by 26,943%

  • We increased clicks to the website by 2,376%

  • And grew value of sales by 206%

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